1. Orange, a. s., Bratislava, branch at B. Bystrica, comprehensive relocation of telecom devices and and servers
  2. SPP, a. s. Bratislava, branch at Brezno, comprehensive relocation of offices
  3. Farmer´s cooperative Tekovské Nemce, relocation of a restaurant
  4. Vašica Zvolen, relocation of an equipment
  5. SPP, a. s. Bratislava, branch at Zvolen, comprehensive relocation of offices
  6. Despot Bratislava, relocation of an equipment
  7. Health insurance – Dôvera, a. s. Bratislava, branch at Zvolen, comprehensive relocation of archives
  8. SPP, a. s. Bratislava, branch at Veľký Krtíš, comprehensive relocation of offices
  9. Asset Soft, a. s. Bratislava, branch at Banská Bystrica, comprehensive relocation of offices
  10. SDV–SCAC, s.r.o., Zlín CZ, wrapping of telecom equipment
  11. Stomia-ZP s. r. o., Košice, branch at Banská Bystrica, total removal
  12. Letecké prevádzkové služby SR, š.p., Bratislava, the airport Sliač, comprehensive relocation of offices and safes
  13. Customs Office Banská Bystrica, relocation of safes
  14. Rika trans s.r.o., Banská Štiavnica, complex relocation of offices
  15. SBD Zvolen, relocation of safes
  16. VAV centrum, s. r. o., Banská Bystrica, relocation of heavy burdens
  17. Slovak Metrological Inspectorate, removal and assembly of new furniture
  18. Tax Directorate at Nitra, Banská Bystrica, Revúca, relocation of offices and safes
  19. Job Centre at Revúca, relocation of offices
  20. Company 1. Účtovná, Nitra, relocation of offices within the town
  21. Insurance company Česká poisťovňa Slovensko, Nitra, relocation of offices
  22. Pool Agentur Mobelhandels GmbH, Ulm, DE, complex relocation of the company
  23. Matej Bel University at Banská Bystrica, relocation of the Department of Music and Fine Art, along with 20 pianos
  24. Garant Martin s. r.o., Martin, transport services
  25. Health insurance company Dôvera at Nitra and Zvolen, relocation of archives
  26. Gamo, a. s., Banská Bystrica, complex relocation of offices and archives
  27. Stiken s. r. o., Nitra, relocation of offices and safes
  28. Johnson Controls, s.r.o. , removals of safes in the whole SR
  29. Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s, removals of safes in the whole SR
  30. ČSOB, a. s., removals of safes
  31. Bystronic Czech Republic s.r.o. , relocation of presses from 5 tons to 30 tons
  32. ATOS IT Solutions and Services s. r. o., Relocation and anchorage of ATMs throughout Slovakia
  33. Konica Minolta Slovakia, spol. s r. o., Bratislava, relocation of printers throughout Slovakia
  34. GEBRÜDER WEISS, s. r. o., Senec, relocation of heavy burdens throughout Slovakia
  35. VÚSAPL, a.s. , Nitra, complex relocation of labs
  36. SAFETRONICS a.s. , Banská Bystrica, Safes removals throughout Slovakia
  37. 37. Patológia, s. r. o., Martin, complex relocation of the pathology at Lučenec